Enhanced Visibility

AccCircle ensures that each process is visible to the different departments involved in the business. This include junior and senior management, as well as shareholders or stakeholders and ensures that each process is traceable.

Automated Workflow

The workflow from one department to another is automated and clear, making sure that the transition between departments is smooth and fast. In this way tasks are completed much faster and each task can be traced to ensure its implementation at the correct time.

Supply Chain Management

AccCircle ensures the smooth running of the procurement, customer demand, inventory processes and other functions, the entire manufacturing process can be streamlined and made much more responsive to real-time data.


AccCircle seamlessly integrates into your existing infrastructure, essentially simplifying all processes, from data collection and analysis to complex manufacturing and customer management tasks.. This ultimately streamlines your entire workflow, improving productivity and efficiency.

Data Management

AccCircle gives you powerful data management capabilities for everything from collection to analysis, and presentation to storage. You can easily take charge of the entire process, ensuring that you have the data, reports and information you need in easy reach at all times.

Lower Operational Costs

By eliminating delays and communication problems and the analysis of real-time data, AccCircle reduces running costs with a view to maximizing profits. The ability to obtain accurate data at any step of the manufacturing process, means that better efficiency and problem-solving become standard practice in the enterprise.